Sunday, July 8

Welcome New Readers!

So from June 29th until July 3rd, I ran a freebie sale for White Rock over at Amazon. During that time I was picked up by E-reader News Today and Pixel of Ink, and sales, for me at least, skyrocketed. Looking at the numbers, it seems I may have something close to 7,000 new readers. Well, eventually. Far be it of me to assume every download would turn into an immediate read. Still, I'd like to think that the conscious decision to download White Rock will ultimately end up with a fan. So I'm taking the time to post this, because my previous post might seem a bit off putting and I want the first thing new people see to be this here welcome message.

A little bit about myself at this point in time. I'm 34-years-old, married, with two wonderful children, ages 6 and 5 (about a year and a half apart). Currently I lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex but that is changing thanks to a job offer given to my wife. Soon enough we will be based out of Western New York. Which is great because that's where the majority of our friends and family live. It's a huge change for us after having lived in DFW for going on 12 years, but it's a welcome one to be sure. When I'm not preparing for a move, I work in the IT industry, largely as technical support. However, I am currently enrolled at Kaplan University Online and working toward a Bachelor's Degree in Mobile Application Development. I hope, soon enough, to be writing apps for people to use.

For the time being, and this is something I cannot stress enough, the writing thing is a hobby. It comes after just about everything else. Some days, I can't find the time to write. Other days, even when I have the time, the desire may not be there. It is something I constantly work on, however, but there may be large gaps between updates and new things for you all to read. I have a lot of ideas and fun stories to tell, and I cannot wait for you all to read them.

Now, about The Eternal War. This is a planned 10 book series with a trilogy to cap it off. In between I have 3 side novels I want to write concerning the setting, and the intention is to bridge the gap between novels with short stories and novelettes to tell other stories that add to the overall setting. This is going to be a rich universe filled with many layers, a few of which have just begun to be revealed. I hope you all will join me as I complete this journey.

I think that's about it. If you are a new reader, I encourage you all to leave your honest reviews at Amazon and Goodreads. Oh, and tell your friends. I am an independent author with an advertising budget of zero dollars. I must rely on word of mouth for people to find me. If you like my stories, and wish to see more, then the best thing you can do is help me get sales. The more sales I get, the better chance I have at eventually turning this into my full time job. So yes, leave your reviews and tell your friends. I really want more time to write for you all.

Have a good day!

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