Friday, March 30

The Blurb for White Rock is...

I went through several overall iterations of the blurb for White Rock. I hate doing blurbs. Trying to distill 96,000 words into less than 250 while still getting across the key aspects of the novel is, quite possibly, the literary form of corporal punishment. I feel the same way about writing a synopsis. That said, after numerous drafts and some tinkering, I think I've settled on the best possible way to express White Rock.

Hit the break to read it...

Sunday, March 25

The Cover for White Rock will look like...

This past Monday I started working with Christine from Flip City Books on creating the cover for White Rock. While this isn't the artist I used for Spiral X, she totally "got" the overall concept and came up with a beautiful cover. Without even realizing it, she also added an element which speaks of something Cheryl goes through during the course of the book. Overall I am very happy.

Hit the break to take a look.

Friday, March 9

And the Name of Book 2 is...

As part of the lead up to April, which is when I will be releasing the second book of The Eternal War series out into the world, I will be giving you all small tidbits about it through the course of this month. The first of this is the title of the book. Later this month will come the cover, the blurb, and ultimately the release date. Some things in between will appear as I think of them.

So, without further ado, the name of The Eternal War: Book Two is...

Monday, March 5

Insert Witty Blog Post Here

My propensity to disappear from this blog for extreme lengths of time (it's been four months since my previous post) is something that's going to happen until I can move the writing hobby into a full time gig. I know I've beat this drum before, but between work, school, family, and my own sanity, sometimes it's not possible to find the time to drum up a blog post. Especially since my thought is that blog posts should be somewhat meaningful. Not to mention, there were times when I had the interface open to post something and couldn't come up with anything at all. Not worth posting at any rate. So I stay silent.

With that said, it is time to pick this up again. I'm making an attempt at regimenting my days, insomuch as one can with such a disparate schedule as mine (seriously, I've worked the same job for ten years and my parents still don't understand it, despite numerous attempts at explaining). Plus, I'm staring at the end of the line in regards to Book 2, so it makes sense to start working the blog into my schedule as I build toward the release. This month I am hoping to have a rather set schedule of tidbits for those who read this blog to build anticipation. To that end, I will be releasing the name of the book on Thursday.

Also, this blog post is here to tell people that for the month of March I will be donating 100% of every sale of Spiral X to Child's Play Charity. While those who have read the book know that I already donate 10% toward the cause, for this month (and I'm thinking every March from here on out, we'll see) I will take nothing home from a single sale and will post a screenshot of the Amazon numbers to announce the donation amount when it's all said and done. Please spread the word and help out a great cause.