Friday, March 30

The Blurb for White Rock is...

I went through several overall iterations of the blurb for White Rock. I hate doing blurbs. Trying to distill 96,000 words into less than 250 while still getting across the key aspects of the novel is, quite possibly, the literary form of corporal punishment. I feel the same way about writing a synopsis. That said, after numerous drafts and some tinkering, I think I've settled on the best possible way to express White Rock.

Hit the break to read it...

"Before the end is to come, one shall be infused with the light as a measure against the darkness."

Cheryl Erikson's problems never seem to end. After saving a group of Dallas' social elite from an unusually brazen attempt at robbery by a group of vampires, she discovers it's not an isolated incident. The normally hidden and secretive vampires are in the midst of an extended crime spree, and working toward something big. Exactly what is anyone's guess.

“The one who is infused with the light of others will stand before darkness, and the darkness shall melt away before their presence and writhe at their touch.”

When the vampires finally enact their plan, no one is ready for the lengths they have gone to in order to ensure success. Cheryl and her allies must rally and find a way to prevent the ultimate evil from gaining a foothold in our world. If they can't put a stop to it, then Armageddon will be that much closer to becoming a reality.

"They will be called upon to face the darkness and push it back, lest time end and the balance be toppled for eternity.”

On the shores of White Rock Lake, Heaven’s earthly soldiers will sacrifice everything to combat the darkness before them. But even Cheryl is unprepared for exactly what that entails as she discovers just how important her role in the Eternal War is.

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  1. I knew I should have read it...I just knew it, but couldn't help myself. It's like looking at a piece of chocolate sitting all alone on the counter. I know I shouldn't eat it, I will only want more, but I grab it and gobble it anyway, dealing with the cravings anyway.

    Can't wait to read it!!