Friday, March 9

And the Name of Book 2 is...

As part of the lead up to April, which is when I will be releasing the second book of The Eternal War series out into the world, I will be giving you all small tidbits about it through the course of this month. The first of this is the title of the book. Later this month will come the cover, the blurb, and ultimately the release date. Some things in between will appear as I think of them.

So, without further ado, the name of The Eternal War: Book Two is...

White Rock

As Spiral X conveyed a place within the universe, so too does White Rock. In this case, it's White Rock Lake here in Dallas. Some information, off the Wikepedia page:

White Rock Lake is a reservoir located in east Dallas, Texas (United States). The lake was formed by damming White Rock Creek, which today widens into the lake before continuing south out of the spillway and emptying into the Trinity River. The lake covers 1,254 acres (5.1 km²) in the east Dallas community. It is currently used solely for recreational purposes after its initial purpose as a reservoir was supplanted, and a local parks and recreation area, including the Dallas Arboretum, are located around it.

 Stay tuned to this blog as next week I expect that I shall have the book blurb ready for viewing.

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