Monday, March 21

Monday Musings

So I didn't do Thirsty Thursday and I didn't do Sample Sunday, and you must be wondering what did I do? Well, truthfully, not all that much. Then again, it doesn't feel like I did much, but that's actually pretty far from the truth. What actually happened is that I worked six 12-hour shifts over the course of seven days. I don't care who you are, I don't care what you do, that takes a lot out of a person. So ancillary stuff, like this blog and a few other things, sort of took a hit on the participation aspect of their collective existence. Things should get back on track this week.

So as a belated sort of TT, here you go:

- I crossed the 25% mark of Book Two (still searching for a title), which is to say 7 out of the 28 planned chapters have been written. I'm still about two chapters behind where I want to be, but I'm within the time limit of being 100% done with the First Draft by May 1st. Assuming I hit that date, things are looking up for the release date I have in my mind, which you will learn if I can hit the second milestone date of being done with the comprehensive edit by July 1st.

Told you I didn't do much. Well, there's some other stuff we did but most of it was under the headline of "big chores we had been putting off for a while and finally had the time available to get to it". Of which there are more, of course, you never truly get rid of those, but they ate up a lot of time. Oh, and I played some games, well a game. I also wrote, but that one of those things I do every day now.

Now, for SS... I'll hold off. I think I mentioned before that I was running out of material, and at the very least I wanted to limit how much I show of Book Two before I've had a chance to do some editing.

So I guess that's it for now. See you guys on Thursday.

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