Sunday, March 13

Sample Sunday #9

Read an E-book Week is over and I think it went fairly well. 37 copies of Split were sold at 100% off, and 3 copies of Spiral X were sold at 50% off. As well, during this promotion, Split remained prominent on the Short Story Best Sellers list for Smashwords' Fantasy (paranormal) and Thrillers and Suspense categories. Because I consider this a resounding success, I have decided to create a new coupon code so that anyone interested in picking up Split, but who might be on the fence about the decision, may do so at no cost to them. The code is on the button to your right, so click through and pick it up!

For today's Sample Sunday, I continue to bring you small excerpts from Book Two, and again, this one is from Chapter One. The setting is that of the famous Reunion Tower, and it has something of a unique view. Read on to see Cheryl's thoughts on it.

Disclaimer: Rough Draft, not everything is finalized, and the overall description is broken up a bit so the information is fragmented across the chapter, so I've only picked out a small portion to show you.

After Virgil was cleared, we signed the guest list and were escorted to our table. Once we were out of the foyer, the room opened up into the wide circular view of downtown Dallas. It was a beautiful view, especially at night, but imperfect since the outside charm of Reunion Tower, the patterned lights, was only made possible by a criss crossing of metal bars with all the intersections holding lights. It obstructed the view to a degree. If I had to grade the view it would get a solid B because of that, but then I'm somewhat of a cynic. From out of the foyer, we stepped onto a circular platform that went all the way around, and allowed us to get to whatever side we wanted to, regardless of where the restaurant was turned. Did I mention that it rotates? Every forty-five minutes, the restaurant makes a revolution, so patrons were never stuck looking at only a single portion of the Dallas skyline. Okay, maybe a B-plus.

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