Thursday, April 7

Thirsty Thursday #5

Thirsty Thursday is my own recurring meme whereupon I lift a glass (metaphorically speaking) to celebrate the triumphs I have experienced in the last seven days. They can be big, they can be small, but there has to be something because I believe life is all about looking at the positive. It's simply too short and too unpredictable to focus on the negative. So with that in mind, here is why I'm raising a glass today:

1. Crossed the halfway point to Book Two, and since Sunday I've written over ten thousand words, which is something of a personal record for me. I've also just hit a month straight of writing every day. My minimum is five hundred words, which if I can keep up until the end of the year will equate to over 130,000 words between now and then. Can someone say two books in 2011?

2. I had a breakthrough on some of the details of Book Three. Yes, I know Book Two isn't written, but I tend to have a lot of things stewing in my subconscious, and that just happened to be one that bubbled up at an unexpected time.

3. Started work on a collaboration project with a writer friend. We're in the initial idea phase at the moment. This one will take a while because not only do I intentionally want to go slow, but I have to fit this in with everything else going on in my life. As an advisor told me, "Don't ignore your own work just so you can do this." Sound advice. Of course, part of why I'm doing this is to help my writing friend, who has had some issues completing her own work. Maybe having someone like me to help push her along will get her over that hump.

4. On Sunday we replaced our kitchen table with one my parents gave us. They replaced their rectangular table with a round one and gave us the option of taking it. We've always liked their old one, so we told them yes and I picked it up on Sunday. I thought it was funny when my dad looked at my Honda Fit and declared, "It won't fit in there." I simply smiled and five minutes later he was shaking his head, and saying, "I didn't think it would fit." For those interested, a Honda Fit is a lot more spacious than you would think. Mainly because you gain an extra 66% of storage space in the back with the seats down. So anyway, I brought the table home and we set it up later, so now we have a table that'll fit everyone without having to pull it away from the wall.

That's it for this week. A lot of writing related triumphs, which is awesome. 

So what are your reasons to celebrate the last seven days of your life?

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  1. Cheers, JJ! Ten thousand words since Sunday, and all the achievements (inc the kitchen table) - it's a triumph!