Sunday, April 3

Sample Sunday #11

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One of the things I wanted to do with Book Two of The Eternal War series was to expand the world a little bit, both in a lore sense and in the introduction of new characters that have an impact on Cheryl's life. I have done that with three new characters, all of them varying degrees of minor. One I have already highlighted, Joseph Redmond, and you can read the Sample Sunday posts on him HERE and HERE. Today, I bring to you one more.

Hit the break to meet Alison Crawford.

Name:    Alison Crawford

Gender:    Female

Race:   Caucasian

Appearance:   Five-four. Raven black hair that goes down to the middle of her back. Brown eyes. Slender, with a light athletic build.

Description:   Alison Crawford is a junior reporter with the Dallas Morning News who spends most of her time doing celebrity puff pieces for their entertainment and arts section. She wants to branch out though and has been trying to find a serious story to write. After reading an initial police blotter about the kidnapping incident in Spiral X, and then the subsequent news piece which omitted the presence of the second person that was there with Detective Stonebriar. Something about the whole thing felt off to her, so she started digging and digging and eventually turned up Cheryl's name. Ever since then she has been trying to get Cheryl to agree to an interview, and is content to wear Cheryl down until she ultimately agrees to it.

Manner of Speaking:   Free flowing and natural. Knows how to guide a conversation where she wants it.

Mannerisms:   Easy with a smile, can be very coy, but also very serious, depending on the situation. She's left handed, so she's always pushing the left side of her hair over her ear.

Role Or Purpose:   Is in this book in order to present Cheryl with the challenge of trying to keep her night life a secret while under the gaze of an observant person.

Age:   26

Dominant Feature:   Her hair. Very straight and so black it looks blue in certain light.

Occupation:   Newspaper celebrity columnist.

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  1. This is such a good idea. If you know your characters so well, they will become memorable to the reader, too. Good Sample.