Thursday, April 28

Thirsty Thursday #6

Thirsty Thursday is my own recurring meme whereupon I lift a glass (metaphorically speaking) to celebrate the triumphs I have experienced in the last seven days. They can be big, they can be small, but there has to be something because I believe life is all about looking at the positive. It's simply too short and too unpredictable to focus on the negative. So with that in mind, here is why I'm raising a glass today:

1. Ahh, vacations. Or, more specifically, staycations. I took a week off of work, which equaled two weeks between my working days thanks to a quirk in how my schedule plays out, and it felt great! Haven't had one of these in a while, so if you were wondering where I went after my post on Tuesday, the 12th, then wonder no further. The vacation was buoyed by the fact that my Mother-in-law was out of state at a wedding for most of it, so it was just me and the wife (and the kids of course) for the majority of it. I love my MIL something fierce, but it's been a while since we've had some time like that, and it was needed. 

2. One of the accomplishments for the vacation belongs not to me, but to my daughter. She took a huge step toward becoming a little girl by not wearing pull-ups during the day. It's now only a nighttime thing, and we're hoping she'll transition out of them completely by the end of summer. Those parents who read my blog will understand how huge this is. She'll come running up to me and say, "The wet is coming!" and we'll trot off to the bathroom and she'll do her business. So proud of her!

3. My wife and I took the time during my vacation to start getting our house in order. Both of us work and watching the kids is a full-time job in and of itself, so beyond the normal, everyday stuff, we always felt like everything else was sort of overwhelming. Not any more. My wife found a nice app for our iPod called Motivated Moms that is essentially a daily list of things that need to get done, plus one to five additional things that come around every once in a while. We're a scatterbrained sort of people, so lists are necessary for certain things, and this has been one of those that has helped us immensely. It's now a lot easier to keep up with the day-to-day stuff, and do extra, than it was before. And the important part is that it doesn't seem overwhelming. So things are getting done. It's amazing what a simple list will do for that.

4. I'm rejuvenated for writing! Seriously. The plan was to keep writing during the vacation so that I could hit my end-of-month deadline. But I sort of fizzled and didn't get a whole lot done. Which, while seemingly anti-TT, is actually a good thing. For one, it gave my mind a break. Writing is work of a sort, and the idea of the vacation was to take a break from working. So that's what ended up happening. For another, my mind didn't take a complete break, because I now have a very clear idea of where The Eternal War is going after this book, including what I can do for at least two of the between-book shorts, how Book Three is going to play out, what I want to look at doing with Book Four, and coming up with a major event for Book Six which would then lead to a "History" book about a major character before Book Seven comes along. 

5. Halfway through this term and so far I'm doing very well in both my classes. The Small Business Management one is important to me, since as I highlighted in another post, my writing is a Small Business, however I'm also doing very well in my Java course. For the SBM class I have to write up a mini business plan, and the hope is that I will be able to take that and wrangle some investments into it. 

That's it for now. I'm sure I'm glossing over some stuff, in fact I know I am, but these five were the big ones to me and I thought I would share them. I'll see you guys soon!

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