Wednesday, June 8

June 8th Journal

Starting Word Count: 65,614
Ending Word Count: 65,824

Didn't get a lot done today because of a couple of reasons. The first of which is that today was the first day of the new term, so I had to go through the usual start of term rigamarole of introductions and syllabus and such. Plus, at work we're doing a fair about of installs for a refresh project and I didn't have a whole lot of free time. Plus, when I did have free time I found myself looking up articles about the Mavs win last night.

Line: Father Harold had always said the vampires, at their core, are still human, and still thought much like a human.

No earned playtime but I decided to use my 'banked' hour after my Mobile Systems seminar.

Game: NBA 2K11

Summary: Game against the Suns. We killed them and won by 20. Next game is against the Heat. Let's see if I can beat them senseless. /smile

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