Saturday, December 11

Random Thoughts

The Steam Store has a huge sale the weekend after Thanksgiving, and it is a great time to pick up any games you might have missed. Even really good games can end up at 75% off. The deals only last 24 hours each, and the next day you will find new deals in place. I managed to pick up Torchlight for $5 and it has been well worth it. Torchlight is a Diablo clone and it is very well done. I can see myself playing it for quite some time, especially for repeat playthroughs with different classes to see what they're all about.

Something else occupying my time has been reading. It's something I fall back on easily these days thanks to the purchase of a Kindle. Every year as part of my company's benefits drive, they offer up a wellness check and if you complete it, they give you a $100 gift certificate to any retailer you can think of. I almost always choose Amazon, simply because there isn't much that I would want that they don't offer. This year, I also had a $25 gift certificate from something else I did to throw into the pot. This made our purchase of the Kindle very light on the wallet. Since we've had it, going on close to a month now, I've read almost a dozen books. I haven't read this much in a while. Current focus is on The Mallorean and I'm almost done.

This is the last full week of my classes for the quarter. For those interested, I am pursuing a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Information Technology with a focus on Mobile Computing. Current classes include Survey of Mathematics and Foundations in Information Technology. These are pretty low level courses and it's been difficult to focus because of everything else going on. Meaning the holidays and my release of Spiral X into the world. It's almost over though. I have a paper due for Math and an exam for IT and that's it. I've done well enough so far, despite my inability to focus, so I hope I finish strong.

As far as the writing goes, I haven't done much. See the above three paragraphs for why. That said, I'm getting the itch again. I have a short story set in the world of Spiral X to do and that one should go quickly since I already know how it's going to play out. I'm a bit into it already so it's just a matter of finishing. I also have a novel that I'm, I guess you could say "rewriting", which won't take long to finish. It's just a matter of sitting down and writing it. It's called Knight's Rebellion and it focuses on a man named Halton who used to be a Royal Knight. Twenty years before the story, the King's brother performed a successful coup, and then subsequently outlawed all the Royal Knights. Halton went underground and decided to live out the rest of his life in blissful anonymity. Then, one night, a stranger shows up on his doorstep holding his old sword. It sort of falls apart from there. I hope to have it ready for people to read early next year.

That's it for today. Tomorrow I will be taking part in a new movement among Indie Authors known as Sample Sunday. In my post I will post a small sample of an upcoming work. So come back tomorrow and see what I post. Later!

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