Sunday, December 19

Sample Sunday

Hello again and welcome to another Sample Sunday! Today I bring to you a small bit from my current short story. I have to be a little careful, since it is a short, so this will likely be the only sample I ever post, but I did want to give you guys something to chew on while you wait on me to get around to finishing.

In this sample, our protagonist is suffering something of a talking to after she went out looking for trouble without the aid of her trainer.
Mitch, for his part, didn't yell at her. He simply held up the front page of the Buffalo Morning News and pointed at the headline. Three Men Dead in Riverside Mystery. "I don't think I have to ask," he said, "but is this your handiwork?" Erika nodded, then hung her head. "I thought so." Mitch walked in as he folded the paper. "I thought we talked about this," he said, setting it down on the table by the stairs.
"We did," said Erika as she shut the door. She turned to look at Mitch, and almost recoiled at the look of disappointment in his eyes. Anger she could have dealt with, but this was something she had never experienced before. Her parents had always expressed anger at the things she had done. Genuine concern hadn't been a part of their feelings when dealing with their only daughter. A point emphasized by their sudden departure two years ago. After all, why be concerned about someone whom they didn't care about? That Mitch was concerned enough to be disappointed hurt her more than his anger would have. "I'm sorry."
Usual disclaimer: This is a work in progress, blah, blah.

I hope you all enjoyed this little look into my upcoming short story and you all have a wonderful day!


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