Thursday, December 16

Thursday Musings

I promised two links, but I have to go back on my word and only provide one. It's down at the bottom of the post, so you'll have to listen to me ramble for a bit before you can click on it. Or you could scroll down and click on it, but then you'll miss out on my rambles.

We watched Scott Pilgrim vs. The World last night and it was an excellent movie. The trailers really don't do it justice. One could look at the trailers and think it's an oddball movie about a guy fighting off his girlfriend's seven evil ex-es. That's there, of course, but there's so much to it. In truth I think it's a coming-of-age story, but not so much in the usual vein of a teenager finding his way in the world. We all have that moment where, when you're the age of an adult, when you finally see the light and put away your childish things and see a need to be more responsible (note: I'm still waiting for that moment). That's what this movie is about. The pop-candy wrapping only enhances what's going on, and it's never distracting, though it is frequently funny. Highly recommended.

Living in the DFW metroplex allows me great access to the Big 4 sports world (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL). The big news around here, besides the collapse of the Cowboys' season, is the Texas Rangers' dealings with Cliff Lee. By now, anyone with an ear to the sports world knows that Lee gave up a six year deal with the Rangers so he could sign a five year deal with the Philadelphia Phillies. I can't pretend to know Cliff Lee's mind, but I have to imagine his wife and kid played a huge role in accepting that deal. That's a big reason why the Rangers put so much emphasis in making sure the deal they presented was enticing to his family as well as him. In the end, it wasn't enough, but speaking from a sports perspective, if I were a high profile pitcher, and I had a chance to join that pitching lineup, I wouldn't even look for the dotted line, I'd sign the first piece of paper they shoved in front of me. That said, I wish him luck. I also advise any Rangers fans to step away from the ledge. This is a strong organization, from top to bottom, so they'll be fine. Cliff Lee wasn't why they made the playoffs.

I read an article on Yahoo yesterday about a man in Kansas City who has been going around town dressed up with a red cape and fake beard and giving out gifts to strangers in the form of $100 bills, sometimes several. In the world as it stands today, where money is tight and everyone is struggling in some way, it's an inspiration to see this. The world needs more people like him.

Writing of the short story is going well. I'm a little over halfway through and anticipate it will be done well before the end of the year, barring some unforeseen incident. I think it's a very strong addition to the world Cheryl lives in, though I might be biased in that regard.

And now, finally, the link. The wife/marketing agent is always on the lookout for people to review Spiral X, which can be a challenge since there are a lot of people who don't review e-books, as well as those who aren't too keen to self-published works. One of the former is a blog known as DJ's Life in Fiction (mostly because he doesn't have an e-reader), though because of the good reviews Spiral X is getting, he did agree to do an Author Interview. I hope you all enjoy it, and I'll see you around.

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