Tuesday, December 14

Tuesday Thoughts

I went to bed really late last night. First and foremost among the reasons why is because I wanted to finish The Sorceress of Darshiva. Second, I wanted to see the end result of the Monday Night Football game. Mostly because I had the division title in my Fantasy Football league on the line. I won, by the way. Not very rational things to do, seeing as how I had to get up at 5am for the day job, but there I was, an hour before midnight, dutifully click the next page button on my Kindle. I eventually finished and went to bed. I'm paying for it right now, but I don't care. It was worth it.

In my morning conversation with the wife, I learned that my son, he of not quite five years of age, has taken to reasoning with his sister, she of not quite three and a half years, when he wants something and she does not. The subject this morning was how he wanted to watch Blue's Clues while she wanted to watch Kipper. He was trying to get her to see that they were essentially the same thing since they were both dogs. They ended up watching Kipper, because it's nearly impossible to reason with a three-year-old, but it seems some of our parenting tricks are having an impact on our kids. I eagerly await the day they reason with me about staying up late on a school night.

I wrote some yesterday on the short story set in the world of Spiral X. Actually, I wrote a lot. The current plan is to be done with it soon so that it can get edited and get out the door for people to read. Initial plans are to make it free to download, and I'm toying with the idea of doing these little short stories in between novels so that I eventually have a series set in the world of Spiral X that I can bundle into one package for people to read all at once. We'll see. I'm still getting my feet wet with all of this.

Speaking of Spiral X, I finally put a copy in my father's hands, or at least on his computer. I've been wary to do so because my tastes tend towards my mother's side and I've never been quite sure how well my father would take to the subject matter. Even he admitted my inclusion of vampires in the story didn't lend well to his realm of reading material, which is now a slight prejudice that he has rescinded after diving into the story. Of course, I only gave it to him after he had some reviews to read, and since they all talk about how great the characters are, he focused on that and is giving it a try. His email this morning told me he had a hard time stopping last night, which gives me a warm fuzzy.

I have two links I will be posting this Thursday so I hope you all will come back then to read some more of my thoughts. Later!

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