Tuesday, January 4

Tuesday Talk

Another Tuesday, another day in the life of an indie author. Current work on the novelette Split is moving along, and I had a creative breakthrough the other day concerning it. See, I've always known where the story was going, I just didn't know how it was going to play out once it got there. Well, I figured that out, and I think it's going to be really good. Even if you've read Spiral X, you won't see this one coming. Just another wrinkle in the overall lore of the Eternal War.

Speaking of Spiral X, very soon I will be debuting a new cover, created by a budding 3D artist who works in another department across the hall from me. The plan is to use this new cover as a springboard to making a print version of the novel a reality. I've been working on what the interior of the print book will look like, and I plan on going through one last round of edits to take care of any leftover proofing errors that didn't get taken care of the first four or five times around the block. If the process goes well enough I'm hoping to have it ready for sale by the end of the month. 

School starts back up tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it. One of the two courses I'm taking is a writing class, but I have no illusions about it being easy for me. For one thing, most of what I'll be working on will be within the realm of non-fiction. Me and references don't get along. I'm so much more adept at making things up. I'll do well, but it will be a challenge. My other class is on Microsoft Access, something I've dabbled in but never got into very much. 

I think that's about it for today. Short of subject material, I know, so I'll try and have something more to talk about come Thursday. Until next time then!

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