Sunday, January 9

Sample Sunday

A quick note before I get in on today's sample. Today marks the end of the two-week Holiday Sale for Spiral X. It now goes back up to the regular price of $3.99, which is still a bargain. I've always felt that it was worth at least half of what a paperback book goes for in today's market, and I've had quite a few people agree with me. If you're looking for something to get an idea of my writing style, then Split will be available fairly soon and it will be cheaper than Spiral X (final price to be determined).

At any rate, today's sample comes from Split, and it deals with an unfortunate side effect that the protagonist, Erika, experiences as she comes to grip with her special ability.
The nightmares started almost immediately. An endless procession of people she didn't know walked up to her in a line, and asked, "Why?" Each time she met them with a blank stare, unable or even unwilling to offer an answer. After a moment, they would take on the look of someone who was lost and searching for answers, and simply walk away, only to have the next person in line come up to repeat the process. It wasn't so much the question or the look that made the dream a nightmare, it was the sheer size of the line. So many people looking for an answer that she couldn't provide. It truly frightened her.
Disclaimer: This sample is in the First Draft and is not indicative of the final product.

I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday and I'll see you again soon. Later!

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