Wednesday, January 19

Wednesday Revelations

My writing class is different than anything else I've done in school before. I'll be working with a single idea throughout the entirety of the quarter, and I'll be focusing all my energy into furthering that idea. So what's the idea? I'm not gonna say, mostly because it's a hot button issue and I want my personal views to remain clear of my author personality. That said, even though I'll be working within a single idea for the next eight weeks, that is a concept I am quite familiar with. As a novelist, I spend weeks, even months, focused on a single idea. The book. That's it. Just the book, and everything in it. So I am well prepared for this course, I just need to adjust my way of thinking from fiction to non-fiction. I want to say so far, so good, but I won't know until the grades come in for the previous unit. So we'll see.

Split may be done for the most part, but I'm still letting it marinate for a bit. As "finished" as it felt before, I get the sense that a week off will give me new perspective on the whole project. Besides, I'm waiting for feedback from a few people who have it, and the cover isn't even finalized yet, so there's time. I'm antsy, but I need to be patient. Patience is not one of my strong points. Which is odd considering I spent a year-and-a-half writing Spiral X. I think that shows a remarkable amount of patience, but then I'm biased.

While I'm giving Split some room, I've been doing one final pass through of the Spiral X manuscript to knock out any lingering issues. Stuff like dropped words, misplaced commas, and the like. Since I do eventually want to push for a print copy to be available, I want that copy to be as professional as possible. I've currently decided to produce a Smashwords coupon for a free copy that'll be active for a week so people who've already bought a copy before can get a new one with all of the fixes implemented. I'll be posting to the Facebook page when that happens.

I've also been working on Knight's Rebellion a little. Once that project takes off it should go quickly. Once the first draft is finished, I will be sitting down to outline Cheryl Book Two. I'm sure that last bit will make quite a few people happy. Part of why I've been putting off doing the follow-up to Spiral X is because while I had ideas, I had to figure out a way for them to fit within the Eternal War. I think I finally hit upon what to do about that the other day, and since I already have a general sense of what I want to happen, I'll be able to put together an outline. So what's the idea? Wouldn't you like to know? I will say this, you'll learn a lot more about Father Harold by the end of Book Two. A lot more. Of course, all of this is preliminary, as before I do any serious writing on it, I need to get Knight's Rebellion out the door.

A couple of objects of note concerning Spiral X. TicToc has posted an author interview with me that you should check out. Also, Book Lovin' Bitches eBook Tours has picked up Spiral X and in the month of February, there are going to be two more interviews, two giveaways, and five reviews. So check back here and at the Facebook page for when that starts.

North Texas is roughly two weeks away from hosting the next Super Bowl. I only have one request concerning that... please don't let the Steelers win. Please...

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