Tuesday, January 11

Super Action Tuesday

I like mindless action flicks. There's something about them that is refreshing to me, especially since that's where I get a lot of inspiration from. Not for the stories, but for the action that takes place within them. A good action scene will be easy to follow, have a beginning, middle, and end, and it should make me say, "Cool" when it's all said and done. Make no mistake about it, action is my bread and butter. I call Spiral X "paranormal action" for that very reason. It is my hope that the books and stories of the Eternal War will continue to fill that niche quite nicely for a long time to come.

Speaking of the Eternal War, I finished Split yesterday. The final tally of this rough draft was a whopping 12,576 words. That number will fluctuate as I go through revisions and edits, but once this is done it will be the first thing shorter than a novel that I've written in about seven years. I hope to make a habit of it, though I readily admit I had help on this one. It was the wife's idea. However, it shows me that I am quite capable of keeping something short, so I expect I'll make a habit of going to a short story in between writing novels. Less stressful, you know. I hope to have this one done and out the door soon.

As part of the process of getting Spiral X ready for print I'm looking to redo the blurb which will supposedly draw people in to read the book. One of my aunts told me she expected Cheryl to be a DEA agent based upon the blurb, and that sort of stuck with me over the holidays. Now is the perfect time to redo it, what with everything going on with the new cover and the edit I'm doing.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm crazy. I think going back to a project that was supposed to be "done" two months ago qualifies as nutso.

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